The benefits of learning with a female guitar teacher

Apr 24, 2023 | Learning Guitar, Online Guitar Lessons, Women in Music | 0 comments

Learning to play guitar is fun, rewarding, challenging and creative. For those who choose to learn with a teacher it is a very significant part of the process to find the right teacher. There are many more male guitar teachers by comparison but there is an ever-growing number of excellent and experienced female teachers. In my years of teaching guitar and music theory I have had many students express to me that they were specifically looking for a female teacher. I have heard this from all genders.

Here are some of the benefits to learning with a female teacher.

  • Role Models – Everybody needs a role model. Positive role model inspire us and are who we look to when we’re treading a new path and looking for someone to relate to. Female guitar teachers being visible, competent and professional provide a positive role model in professions, communities and society for those needing to see gender stereotypes being broken down. This is very important for young girls and women who will identify with them and see that it is possible to pursue playing guitar for either a professional or hobby. It’s also very important for all other genders to see that there is a varied demographic being represented in society.
  • Empathy – It is important for students to relate to their teacher. Females may face challenges such as being smaller framed, smaller hands, less confidence etc Female guitar teachers may have a better understanding of this and can provide empathy and understanding. They can provide experienced – based advice on how to approach these challenges and point students in the right direction to find role models. Examples that I’ve had first hand are: guitars sizes that are too big, guitar gear being very male focussed, bands and guitar shops being very intimidating. It is possible to find antidotes for all of these things in a positive way. Let it be said though that this is not just a female problem. I have chatted with many males and other gender identities that experience the above.
  • Learning Environment – A female guitar teacher can provide a safe and comfortable working environment. This is more conducive to productive and effective learning. If learners feel comfortable and safe they are more likely to learn better. They will feel accepted and that they fit in. This helps to build confidence and will promote a much higher success rate for those to carry on long term in learning music and guitar.
  • Community – Community is very important for people looking to find a place to hang out, learn, share and socialise with like- minded. Female teachers have the ability to build inclusive and supportive communities for those of all genders to hang out, specifically young girls and women. It is possible to set up bands, schools, shows, jam nights. These will often birth something that then takes care of itself and those who join will continue to run it themselves or be inspired to set up their own project.

All in all it is very important for female guitar teachers to be visible and active in order to draw towards them those that identify with them so they can create a positive knock-on effect.


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