Guitar Grades

Guitar Grades and Music Theory Grades.

For all ages and abilities

There are a range of people (abilities and ages) that choose to learn with Grade books.  I have taught 70 year olds who wanted a more in-depth understanding of music and chose to work through grade books. I’ve taught 40 year olds who took their Grades 1,2,3 & 4 exams and 50 year olds who wanted a structure to their learning.  The bulk of Grade learners are children and those preparing to apply to music schools. This can be either Guitar Grades or Music Theory Grades.

Grades suit those looking to:

  • Gain credits for UCAS
  • Boost personal achievement and references for schools
  • Apply for Music Schools
  • Have structure and a book for their learning experience
  • Have a way to measure their progress
  • Have an rounded understanding of guitar/music eg playing songs, scales, listening, theory, sound, reading
  • Gain experience and exposure in an exam
  • Develop their repertoire
The range of Grades I cover are: 
Guitar Grades (RSL Awards, RGT@LCM, Trinity) – Electric and Acoustic
Music Theory Grades: ABRSM
I also prepare younger students for MAP tests and entrance exams for music-based High Schools and FE.

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