Beginner Guitar Lessons

Beginners come in all ages. Some of those have played guitar a long time ago and have maybe not picked it up in 30 years.

Firstly, what is a beginner?

Beginners can be people with:
No musical experience at all
No guitar experience but have played other instruments
Very basic guitar playing experience
Some experience in playing guitar but need to work on technique and fundamentals
Some guitar playing experience but want to work on music theory and learning the guitar neck
Guitar experience but want to learn songwriting
Guitar experience but want to learn improvisation/soloing

The list goes on…

Beginners come in all ages. Some of those have played guitar a long time ago and have maybe not picked it up in 30 years.  It’s a vast category and it takes time to learn the fundamentals. You can be an accomplished beginner before you develop the fluency, finesse and expression that develops more as an intermediate player.

Beginner guitar lessons cover a wide range of things and can include:

  • Learning open chord shapes with a view to learning songs or writing songs
  • Learning open scales: used as finger exercises and learning the fundamentals of the fretboard and music/guitar theory
  • Learning strumming patterns/rhythms
  • Learning to listen to songs and hear the guitar parts in them
  • Learning to play along in time to a beat or a song
  • Learning TAB
  • Learning notation if requested
  • Learning simple melodies and solos
  • Learning simple picking patterns and relevant songs
  • Learning techniques: slides, bends, muting, hammer ons/pulls offs, alternate picking, open harmonics
  • Learning simple solo and melody creating skills using scales and licks
  • Learning riffs
  • Learning the strings, the parts of the guitar and how to hear and develop tone
  • Learning basic music theory
  • Doing beginner grades

Knowing that these are the variety of ways you can learn guitar as a beginners shows how vast and overwhelming it can be to first start learning. As an experienced teacher I aim to help you pick out which part of this learning journey is right for you. This develops once you start.

Six questions I ask people when they enquire about guitar lessons

As somebody who is being paid to teach I like to understand peoples hopes, motivations and goals when they get in touch about lessons.

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