Free resources for learning guitar

Free downloadable PDFs and video tutorials to help you on your guitar learning journey.

PDFs and video tutorials

PDFs for students and teachers

My PDF library provides free unlimited downloads for students and guitars teachers alike.

Download PDFs to learn guitar

Video tutorials for learning guitar

Use my free YouTube videos for beginner guitar tips.

Guitar Lessons and Video Tutorials

Expert guitar tuition for all ages and abilities

Learn Guitar Scales

Beginner Guitar

Beginners come in all ages. Some of those have played guitar a long time ago and have maybe not picked it up in 30 years.

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Intermediate Guitar Lessons

Intermediate Guitar

An Intermediate musician has a solid grasp of the fundamentals: eg rhythm, timing, dynamics, tone etc.

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Advanced Guitar Lessons

Guitar Grades

There are a range of people (abilities and ages) that choose to learn with Grade books. The bulk of Grade learners are children and those preparing to apply to music schools.

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