Student Profile #4: Jo

Jan 10, 2023 | Guitar Student Profiles, Women in Music | 0 comments

It’s interesting and inspiring to read about other peoples journeys, especially in a pursuit you may be interested in yourself… this case learning to play guitar.

So why DO people learn guitar?…

The last 18 months lessons with Jo have flown by, yet we’ve covered so much. Jo has a real enthusiasm for music and learning. This is a winning combination for sharing knowledge and a really good energy to have in a guitar lesson space. Every week we run over current riffs, chords and solos we’ve been learning and set some new practise goals for the next week. Jo has acheive a LOT so far and this is testament to her loving music and taking time to practise.

This is what she has to say…

1) How long have you been playing the guitar?
I started playing the guitar originally 7 years ago, learned one song, had a baby and shelved it! I started playing again nearly 18 months ago and this time stuck with it

2) Why did you begin guitar lessons?
Originally it was to learn a song to serenade my husband with at our wedding! Most recently it was because I love music so much I realised I wanted to be able to play my favourite songs.

3) What do you enjoy most about lessons and playing the guitar?
I enjoy being able to have guidance from someone very experienced in lessons. To be able to go away, practice, bring it back a week later and get constructive help to get better makes the whole thing so much easier for me. Having a non judgemental knowledgeable space to learn something makes the lessons the best choice for me. The thing I enjoy most about playing the guitar is the pride and enjoyment I get from nailing something difficult, or just being able to jam along to my favourite songs!

4) What do you find most challenging about the lessons and playing guitar?
Sometimes I find the non linear progress the hardest. Some weeks you can be over the moon and the next week you feel you hardly made any progress. Trusting the process is the best advice I could give to anyone who struggles with something similar

5) Do you have any advice for people who may be thinking about having lessons and playing guitar?
I think if it’s already at the back of your mind you’d like to try, then do it! You don’t lose anything by trying it but you have everything to gain when you realise there’s nothing quite like making inanimate metal strings make harmonious noise


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