Song Lessons – STICK SEASON by Noah Kahan (as the record)

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Stick Season by Noah Kahan has a great uptempo feel. We all need some bouncy acoustic songs in our repertoire. This song is made up of 4 chords in the whole tune.  The variety throughout the song is created by the way these chords are played. 



The Chords  (these are the only 4 chords in the entire song. Always in the same order) –


The Picking Pattern –

The song starts off with a picking pattern (see tab below).

The song Intro repeats the A Chord picking pattern in the tab.

For the first half of Verse 1 play the entire tab.


The Strumming Pattern –

The following strumming pattern and chord progression plays throughout the song. It first comes in for the second half of Verse 1.  Noah mutes the strings with his strumming hand slightly for this section to create a quieter and more punctuated rhythm.

For the most part, in the rest of the song this same rhythm/chord progression is played fully with strings ringing out.  This creates much more volume.

In a couple of parts the rhythm is dropped and Noah plays a single strum for each chord that last for 4 bars. This first happens at the beginning of Chorus 1.


The Song Structure – 

This will show you how to put the parts you have mastered above into the order of the song.

This is a fun upbeat song to play with loads of energy. Enjoy getting your hands around the picking pattern and rhythm.

For some video references if you’d like the extra help please click  ➡️  FULL VIDEO LESSON

See you next time! 🎸


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