Song Lessons – CRAZY by Patsy Cline (open chords / capo 3)

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Abminorb5 (diminished),  Bbdim7 and Bm7

The Picking – the pattern we’re using is a very gentle and easy-paced thumb/fingers picking pattern. The basic principle for this is that the thumb will play the  root note of each chord which is the first note that you would strum on the chord and the index finger will up-strum and play the higher strings.  We’re in 4/4 so the basic feel is one (thumb) & (Index finger)  two (Thumb) & (finger) three (Thumb) & (finger)  four (Thumb) & (finger).   This is a swung rhythm so it has a little bit of a lull/bounce to it.
Follow the chord chart below.  Play 4 beats per bar.  When you get to the final 2 bars you can either play the transition chords or stay on the G chord. You will play G for two bars.
The chords we need here are C G A7 & D7
This is all you need for this section. If you do want to add in the tasty little transition at the G chord we again are going to be  using the Abminorb5
The motif plays the following chords –
This is the bulk of the song.  In the recording at this point there is a semitone key change for a short ending. In order to keep this lesson simple today we’re going to remain in the same key.



Play the following bars.

This is a short sweet beautiful song to sing. 
If you need some visual references please watch the video tutorial and the full acoustic play-through. 


Tutorial Video

Full Song Play-through



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