Song Lesson – JOLENE by Dolly Parton (Acoustic chord strumming)

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In this acoustic guitar strumming tutorial we learn Dolly Partons iconic song JOLENE.

This is a STRUMMING guitar lesson so we are focussing on two different rhythms that will represent this song best as an acoustic guitar arrangement that you can sing along to.

The Capo is on fret 4 and we only have 3 open chords to contend with in Am C & G.  If you don’t have capo you can practise just using the chords in the open position.

I have broken down a strumming pattern for the Verses and shown how you can enhance this with a muted strumming techniques to help vary the dynamics and also your skills. This will keep the song interesting to listen to and to sing to. I have also broken down a more bouncy upbeat pattern for the chorus and shown an enhancement when you can split the low and high strings to create a more varied sound.

The song is in 4/4 and has a repeated chord progression throughout the entire song which makes it easier to remember but we then have to look at crafting they dynamics of the song to keep it interesting and build some life into an acoustic/vocal arrangement. 



The song begins with the famous picking pattern but today we will use the chorus strumming pattern in place of this.  Following the intro we have the Chorus. (For a video lesson on the famous picking intro 🎸 CLICK HERE)

The rhythm:


The verse plays the rhythm and chords below.

To give variety and craft the dynamics of the song with this rhythm use the side of your strumming hand to mute the strings slightly.  Rest this part of your hand near the bridge across the strings and this will control the volume and vibration of the strings to create a muted sound.  For video intruction on this ➡️ CLICK HERE



Each section below plays the chord progression above twice.

This song is a classic strum and sing song. Have an awesome time getting to grips wtih the strumming patters. 


Watch  ➡️ Full Video Lesson



Song Play-through 🎸 Acoustic Cover



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