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  • 6 Questions I ask people enquiring about guitar lessons (and why)

    6 Questions I ask people enquiring about guitar lessons (and why)

    6 Questions I ask new guitar students in order to prepare with focus and make lessons more effective. They may want one lesson or lessons for years. Ask the right questions to give value for money and a bespoke experience.

  • Why one-to-one guitar lessons help your progress: 5 good reasons

    Why one-to-one guitar lessons help your progress: 5 good reasons

    Should I get a guitar teacher? A common question. I also wonder this when I’m learning a new skill. There are so many resources online that surely we can muddle through on our own and figure it out. Right? True. There are loads of resources online. The issue is though there’s the whole spectrum of […]

  • Testimonials Update

    One of the things I really enjoy about teaching guitar is the huge range of people that enquire and come for guitar lessons.  Such a wide age range and reasons for wanting to learn. Allan is a Taxi Driver who has always loved music, he goes to live shows regularly and was inspired to started […]

  • Guitar Student Profile #1 : Rifka Orton

    Hello, This is the very first of my guitar student profiles I’ll be sharing on the website. I’ve found that people looking to learn  guitar get a lot from being able to read testimonials and read about other peoples learning experiences.  I teach a wide age range and abilities of students and people start lessons, […]

  • Lesson slots available – July 2016

    Hi all, I have some slots for lessons available at the moment due to some of my long term students relocating and going off to University.  Although I am very sorry to see them go, I am also very happy and proud that we have some talented musicians developing.  The last few years have been […]

  • A proud and accomplished muse on: Playing with others

    We’ve already hit the lighter nights and we’re quickly heading towards summer.  Festivals, holidays and nature (…and rain most likely).  One of the perfect times of year to be either getting more stuck into that guitar playing of yours (campfires/BBQs/festivals/parks or your back garden) or maybe picking up a guitar for the first time!  Spring […]

  • Jo Bywater Guitar Tuition Plectrums!

    They’re here!  Finally after patiently waiting, my new, and first batch of custom plectrums has arrived..  Guaranteed to always have some in my pocket because they look snazzy 🙂

  • How to teach your child guitar if you can’t play a note and have no sense of rhythm – a parents account!

    I have a student aptly named Riffy, she began having lessons when she was 6 and that was going on for 2 years ago.  This is her Dad’s very well put together account of what to expect and look out for when thinking about guitar lessons for your/a child.   I absolutely second what he’s saying […]

  • Electric Guitar Diagram

    Well after sitting honing my Illustrator skills I have completed my labelled diagram of an electric guitar.  After playing guitar for 20 years it never ceases to amaze me how much I learn and relearn about things I already thought I knew! I’m primarily putting up the diagram with labels this week and shall follow […]

  • #2: Notes on the Guitar Neck

    Week 2! In continuation of my downloadable and printable materials I have compiled a diagram of the guitar neck complete with the notes on all 6 six strings. The guitar neck can be a bit intimidating at first but once you start to see the patterns you will find your way around it in no […]