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  • Why setting guitar learning goals is good for practise & progress (7 reasons)

    Why setting guitar learning goals is good for practise & progress (7 reasons)

    I want to learn guitar but don’t know where to start? Goals give us direction. Learning how to pick the right ones and the right sized ones for you personally is something that gets easier over time. 7 reasons why setting goals helps guitar learning progress.

  • Guitar Student Profile #1 : Rifka Orton

    Hello, This is the very first of my guitar student profiles I’ll be sharing on the website. I’ve found that people looking to learn  guitar get a lot from being able to read testimonials and read about other peoples learning experiences.  I teach a wide age range and abilities of students and people start lessons,…

  • News!

    This week I would like to congratulate Mal on the near birth of his first child.  Mal has been having guitar lessons with me for 3 years.  We have covered some great songs and playing techniques, mostly electric guitar – based and rock style.  The most recent being the guitar solo and riffs from Whiskey…

  • New Grade Success!

    I’m very happy to belatedly congratulate my student Jamie on achieving an 80% Merit in his Rockschool Grade 1 guitar exam in December! Jamie started having lessons with me 2 years ago after deciding the life of a rock star was calling.. now aged 10 with a nice list of benchmark riffs under his fingers…