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Having no experience in guitar playing felt quite daunting when I wanted to start learning. However, Jo has been the most patient, insightful and skilled tutor I have ever been taught by! Jo allowed me to move at my own pace whilst still being incredibly encouraging. With weekly lessons that were tailored to what I wanted to achieve from the guitar, Jo equipped me with a plethora of tools that have allowed me to flourish as a guitarist. Her knowledge of the instrument and its use in different styles is limitless and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is a beginner, intermediate or an advanced player because Jo always has something valuable to offer. Jack. 2022.

Really enjoying my lessons with Jo.  I nearly gave up after my first lesson as I had never played before and found it really hard but so glad I didn’t as I have learnt so much and Jo is so patient and encouraging.  Sharon. 2022.

Jo was able to work with my almost 16 year old over the summer whilst we were in Liverpool. It was a great experience for my son and he really wants to continue learning the guitar. Jo comes across as very calm and patient, and like she can meet different kinds of people where they are. I would 100% recommend her. Philippa. 2022.

Jo is an exceptional tutor, passionate , enthusiastic and committed to passing her knowledge on to others , she makes the sessions fun and can teach all ages and abilities, she is patient with a lovely personality. I will miss my sessions with her. Andrew. 2022.

Have had a year worth of lessons with Jo once every week. I have to say, she has been the greatest music teacher ever, helping me with improving my music theory drastically to playing some of my favourite songs on guitar. I started out knowing absolutely nothing, but she gave me the opportunity and courage to start performing on stage, with implemented techniques and skills to the highest standard. Her listening skills are immaculate. She pretty much knows the key to every songs thrown at her, and has the ability to improvise every single time. I love her to bits and will hope to start a lesson with her again nearer future. If you are looking for a music teacher, do not hesitate to contact her as you will not be disappointed. Jazwin. 2022.

Jo has tutored our Daughter on a regular basis, she is patient and understanding. She improved our daughters confidence no end , we would not hesitate to recommend her as a tutor.  Billy.  2022.

Jo has be helping our son for around a year and his progress is amazing gone from strength to strength and with jo helping him has gain a place at LIPA great teacher wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her ***** Tommy. 2022.

Currently having lessons with Jo and just want to put it out there that this lady is the best guitar teacher you will find in Liverpool. I am a mature “lapsed” strummer who has being going to Jo for the last 3 months and the difference her teaching has made to both my technique and musical theory knowledge is unbelievable. Jo has a patient, tailored approach to lessons that have really improved not only my ability but also my confidence around other guitar players who I used to feel inferior to. I have been taught all the things I should have learned long ago when I first picked up a guitar. Fretboard knowledge and scales are now second nature to me and these were an alien concept before lessons with Jo, and almost without realising it my musical theory knowledge is now at a level I could only dream of three months ago. Jo has such patience and her whole approach to lessons with a more mature student like me is fantastic. Add in the fact she is an amazing guitarist and a hell of a nice person and you really do hit the jackpot if you have lessons with her. Five stars doesn’t even come close but it is the most I am allowed to give. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jo if you are reading this and undecided-I guarantee you won’t regret your choice. Peter. 2022.

My Grandson aged 8 has been taking lessons for quite a while with Jo . He is extremely shy with new people & Jo has been patient & caring & has a way that has brought him out of himself & he has progressed not only with his guitar but also in confidence . Thank you Jo. Joan. 2022.

Jo is amazing at teaching my daughter improved so much with her lessons highly recommend. Diane. 2022.

My daughter has had lessons with Jo for a few years. Jo is remarkably patient and enthusiastic. I watched my daughter make great progress, despite a lack of commitment on her part to practice. Jo is flexible in her approach and seems to bring out the best In her pupils. My daughter enjoyed the lessons and more importantly built up her confidence in playing guitar. For us it wasn’t about grades but enjoyment and learning and this was achieved in both parts. Would highly recommend Jo, she is reliable, enthusiastic, a great teacher and a lovely warm person. Suzanne. 2022.

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value.  “Good players don’t necessarily make good teachers” a phrase I’ve heard over the years. Jo is an exception. She’s a great performer and an equally great teacher. I needed a specific style of coaching over a limited period and had specific objectives. Jo helped me achieve and surpass all my targets.. in addition, making improvements to my playing style along the way. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jo.. she’s a great communicator and a really easy person to get on with, which makes the learning process so much more enjoyable 😎🎸👍🤘. Rob. 2021.

Jo is a great help to me, and I found that having somebody I could ask questions that you cannot research yourself, or fill in gaps that brings things together is invaluable! She always tries to fit me in around my busy work schedule, is patient with me, & I can always trust her advice! Thanks Jo! Michael. 2021.

Jo was recommended to us by a family and we couldn’t have asked for a better music mentor for our son. In every lesson through her encouragement and professionalism she enabled our son to become confident learning guitar and opened his mind to music he would probably never have listened to. Jo was always super accommodating – even when there were days of “I don’t feel like it” jo would somehow win him round and by the end of the session he would be so happy he had done it. Jo has been amazing at music coaching through the pandemic and even in our virtual sessions she still managed to engage with our son and make the sessions fun. Couldn’t recommend Jo highly enough she is amazing 🤩. James. 2021.

My original post is below, this edit is written September 2021 after resuming lessons after lockdown, and that return has highlighted for me just how far Jo has brought my playing along,,,she has infinite patience and easily spots errors and puts them right, making every session a positive step forward. I always come away from a lesson with renewed enthusiasm and increased knowledge. Gosh this lady is good not only in her own right as an accomplished musician but also as a fine tescher, giving praise and encouragement where deserved, and explaining where adjustments are needed. Dave. 2021.

My 8 year old has done guitar lessons with Jo for a while now. Jo is great, alway so accommodating with lessons. Lovely friendly reliable and brilliant at what she does. My little boy loves Jo. Would highly recommend 🙂 Rebecca. 2021.

I took lessons with Jo for a few months, until my personal circumstances changed and I’ve put it on hold for a while. I found the online format very accessible and convenient, and Jo was very accommodating with scheduling lessons in at convenient times for me. Jo’s teaching was fun, and personal; she suggested songs to suit my interests, and I thought she pitched it really well – not too pushy, but demanding enough to keep you on your toes! She always sent follow up materials, including recordings of her playing the songs slowly and at normal speed, which I found extremely useful for working on strumming rhythms. I’d thoroughly recommend Jo, and look forward to starting again later in the year. Kirstin. 2021.

I’ve been a student of Jo’s for a few years now, she’s an excellent teacher who can teach a variety of songs regardless of difficulty level. Would highly recommend. Jimi. 2021.

Not only is Jo a fantastic guitar teacher – she is kind, patient and a great role model for my two daughters. They enjoy their lessons every week and have both improved greatly since they started. Would highly recommend 🙂 Lianne. 2021

Our 12 year old daughter has been taking lessons with Jo for about 15mths mostly online due to Covid,she has improved so much+loves her weekly lessons,Jo is brilliant with her,very patient+is really encouraging,we’re so glad we chose Jo to teach our daughter!! Gill. 2021

Jo is a brilliant teacher, always reliable, punctual and a great role model for the kids – would highly recommend!! Ben. 2020.

Jo is teacher to my 11 year old daughter and has taught her for 2 years. She is able to tap into the fun side of music while also being able to ensure continued work towards musical development and progress. I would recommend her as a guitar teacher to anyone.  Patrick.  2020.

Took their time to help educate me in both theory and practical. Would highly recommend to anyone who is wanting to learn! James. 2020.

Jo is a brilliant guitar teacher who has exactly the right temperament to help children develop musically – she is calm, professional and talented but never pushy, always encouraging and points out areas to improve without being overbearing. She also goes above and beyond what is expected – often sending messages outside her own time to make sure the lessons are going well and our boys are getting on ok. The boys – who started when they were 7 – love their lessons with her and are doing really well with their music and guitar playing. She also helped our eldest develop his skills for the music aptitude tests for secondary schools, which he did really well in. We would highly recommend Jo.  Siobhan. 2020.

Jo is an excellent teacher, my Son Harry has come on leaps and bounds with Jo, would highly recommend her.  Joanne. 2020.

Jo is a great teacher – I would totally recommend her! Very friendly, super patient, v reliable and just all-round really good. My teenage daughter has been having electric guitar lessons with Jo for a couple of years and has just passed her Grade 5 with Merit – and she’s gained loads of confidence thanks to Jo’s support and great teaching.  Helen.  2020.

Jo taught my son Guutar . Jo is a fabulous teacher . My son achieved distinction Grade 1 exam. I always recommend Jo as she is a brilliant teacher , very responsible ,, always on time for lesson. Thank you Jo for your help and support .  Nisha. 2020.

Since taking lessons off Jo my progress has been brilliant and I’m so happy with how well I can play a Guitar and understand music now, I was struggling for years on my own and close to giving up, trying to learn and grasp how the whole concept of music works and what goes on behind a song and the basis of it all has been so much better with Jo, Jo has a outstanding knowledge of music and I highly recommend. Franny. 2019.

I have had guitar lessons for a couple of years now with Jo. I would recommend Jo for anybody wishing to learn the guitar of any age, Jo Is patient and focusses your lessons around your learning needs and what you are looking to achieve. Jo has a great knowledge of music and styles and has helped my achieve my first couple of Graded Exams. Great Teacher . Gareth. 2019.

I am moving along with lessons on slide guitar with Jo….and loving every session. Jo is extremely patient and knowledgeable , able to pick out the smallest of errors and suggest how to correct them. As she has stated above, the lessons are indeed individually tailored to my level and what I want to achieve. Very professional in all that she does , and a genuinely nice person that puts me at my ease and encourages me all the way. Just wish I had found her before now. The future looks bright. Dave. 2019.

I can’t recommend Jo highly enough, she’s been excellent teaching my daughter and very patient when I’ve had the odd couple of lessons myself . Chris. 2019.

Jo was happy to tailor my lessons to focus on what I wanted to and encouraged me to start finger picking much sooner than I thought I was ready to! I’ve had to take a break from lessons but I’ve gained a lot of confidence in my own abilities in a short time. Megan. 2019.

Jo was brilliant with my son I found her at the last minute and she helped him prepare for his grade 5 theory exams in just 2 months and he came out with flying colours and has got into LIPA to pursue his BaHons in Music. Jo is very accommodating and patient, my son said that she made him feel comfortable and at ease during his lessons. Thank you jo so much for your help. Michelle. 2019.

My daughter has come on in leaps and bounds over a very short space of time. Jo is an amazing tutor!. We take an hours drive every week and it’s been totally worth it!. Thank you so much Jo! Enola. 2019.

My son was a total beginner but knew he wanted lessons, Jo was the perfect teacher as she let Billy learn the basics the way he wanted, by playing his favourite music at the same time. she is an excellent teacher…thankyou. Peter. 2019.

I have had lessons from Jo for the past 3 years, since having these lessons i have learned so much and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I completed my grade 4 and worked on my grade 5 with Jo, she helped me so much. Our lessons were great and i was really comfortable around Jo. I have had 3 guitar teachers since playing the guitar from the age of 10 and Jo is by far the best teacher I have had. I am currently taking a break from guitar to focus on my GCSE’s and if i decide to continue again after my exams, i wouldn’t hesitate to continue lessons with Jo. I would highly recommend her.  Ella, aged 15. 2019.

I began my guitar lessons with Jo with little to no knowledge of how to play. Jo made me feel at ease straight away learning my motivations behind wanting to play the guitar and tailoring her teaching style in line with that. She is very patient and thorough in how she teaches and really broke everything down for me in a way that I could understand. 
Jo always put a huge effort into lessons preparing songs I’d mentioned I would like to learn in order to keep me engaged and motivated; I couldn’t have found a better tutor.  Currently taking a short break from lessons but will definitely be taking them up again, Jo is a great tutor who also became a friend and I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to learn the guitar or expand on the skills they currently have. Thanks Jo! – Hannah. 2019.

Jo is a fun teacher who I enjoy having lessons with. She likes the same rock music as me so understands what kind of music I want to learn to play. She breaks the songs down so they are easier to play. She’s patient and a really good guitarist – James. 2018.

I was under Jo’s tutelage for many years. Before Jo, I was already a fairly advanced electric guitar player, but fancied learning finger style acoustic guitar. This, I was a complete beginner at. I found Jo’s lessons extremely rewarding, and now my acoustic skills far exceed my electric guitar playing. Jo and I learned many songs together, including Nick Drake and Bert Jansch to name just a couple. Jo managed to break these incredibly complex songs into easy to understand segments and displayed great patience as I fumbled my way through to begin with. On a general note, I found Jo to be a very friendly and knowledgeable tutor. I would have no trouble at all recommending Jo to anyone! – Keith. 2018.

Jo was recommended by a mum in school. She is not only a great guitar instructor but a lovely lady. My son started guitar lessons when he was 7 years old. Jo is patient and has a way of breaking things down so it is easy to learn and enjoyable. She listens to what you want. My son learnt to read the music when playing electric guitar. She helped him get ready for school entrance and music exams. I cannot recommend Jo highly enough – Victoria. 2018.

Jo is a very patient , skilled tutor with vast knowledge , I started my musical journey in playing later than most students , and currently taking a small gap , but will be back in touch with jo as soon as I can , I have switched between acoustic , electric and back again , all of this is no problem to jo , highly recommend, thanks jo! – Allan, Wirral.  2018.

As an absolute beginner, from my first lesson with Jo I was made to feel at ease and very comfortable. She was very patient and nothing was too much trouble. She tailored my tuition to suit my musical tastes which made my learning more enjoyable. I have had to take a break in my lessons but would not hesitate in recommending Jo to anyone seeking a very competent and talented tutor and I look forward to resuming my tuition in the near future – Lynn.  2017.

Isobel really enjoys her guitar lessons, they’re fun yet focused. You quickly developed a good understanding of her and helped build her confidence to a ‘can do’ attitude. She has increasingly improved over the time she has spent in your sessions and we are very grateful – Kelly. 2017.

I have loved having lessons with Jo. She is a great teacher and always manages to find something positive to say about my attempts at playing the guitar. Learning the guitar has taken me out my comfort zone and there are times when I could feel like an idiot for not being able to grasp something but Jo manages to encourage and guide me through the new strums or chords with gentle patience. Fantastic! I would highly recommend Jo – Caroline. 2017.

To anyone thinking of taking guitar lessons I’d strongly recommend Jo. I have found her one-to-one instruction and advice about my own guitar playing invaluable – much easier than trying to learn from a book or You-Tube video.
Before taking lessons, I muddled on and off for years by myself without making any real progress beyond a few basic chords. I got into a bad habit of settling for easy to play songs and abandoning anything I found difficult. Learning songs I really want to play with Jo has made a huge difference to my playing. It has given me the confidence to attempt more challenging pieces which I previously thought were beyond my reach. When I’ve been struggling Jo has managed to work her magic with different suggestions and approaches. I wouldn’t describe myself as a natural guitar player, but Jo has the patience of a saint and has really helped me to steadily improve over the last three years – Mal. 2017.

From my first email to Jo inquiring about lessons I knew I was in the right hands, she took an immediate interest in my musical interests, and my current progress. Jo quickly picked up on where I was at in my playing and meshed this together with the music I like to keep me enjoying what I was doing. She listened to what I wanted to learn and helped me develop my fingerpicking which has made significant progress from working with her. Her lessons are enjoyable, relaxed and informative, with loads of little tricks to try to improve your playing or make things easier. I recommend Jo to anyone who wants to start to learn guitar, or to further their knowledge! – Hanna. 2017.

Our 8 year old daughter started with Jo as a complete beginner guitar player. Jo quickly built an excellent rapport with her, showing constant patience and encouragement, whilst allowing our daughter to work things out for herself. We would highly recommend Jo to guitar players of any level! – Anne. 2017.

Three years ago I set myself the challenge of learning an instrument as an adult without being able to read a note of music. Jo Bywater ‘s name was a personal recommendation for a guitar teacher so I took the plunge. I struck lucky . Jo has the patience of a saint but was able to motivate me to keep going when it got tough! And tough it was. However she always picked songs which I liked and of a difficulty that she thought I could master. So three years down the line . I am still a beginner, but I have played and sung in public and no-one laughed ( my personal goal) . I am relocating so have stopped lessons but would highly recommend Jo if you are beginning or honing up your skills because she is a great teacher – Clare Littlewood Jime. 2016. Adult Beginner.

I have been going to Jo for over a year now, I have found her an excellent tutor and as a first time learner I would recommend her highly, she has brought me on loads! – Peter. 2016.

Jo is an inspirational teacher. She is patient, encouraging and really good at guitar. She understood that I would learn best if I was playing what I liked and so she helped me learn to play rock and alternative styles. I would definitely recommend her to others – Jasmin, aged 14. 2016.

As an adult guitar learner, Jo has been ever so patient with me and my confidence in playing has improved immeasurably. Jo is a talented and knowledgeable teacher and I would absolutely recommend her – Normandie. 2016.

Jo is outstanding, I was having trouble sumarising Jo’s guitar tuition, but that just about covers it. I’ve taken up guitar for a couple of reasons, but mostly personal amusement. Given that I’ve started with almost zero musical knowledge, Jo has shown extreme patience, insight and skill in diagnosing the numerous inventive ways I find to get things wrong. She works well, finding where I’m going wrong, correcting and providing ways for me to improve. Jo is good at providing building blocks you need and breaking things down into manageable chunks to learn.Simply put, in my opinion, it’s definitely worth seeking Jo out and seeing how she can help your guitar playing progress – Chris.  2016.

Jo has been a fantastic and inspirational teacher for me. As a “mature” learner who has been trying to play guitar for several decades, I’ve had several teachers but Jo has really helped me to develop in ways that none of the others could. She responds fully to my preferences regarding songs and styles and also comes up with excellent ideas. The mix of technique and performance practice is perfect for me. And she’s such an easy person to like – Jack.

Jo has been teaching my two daughters for around 3 years now and in that time they have made great progress in using various techniques, grade work and playing for pleasure. Importantly they really enjoy their lessons and their practice! – Annette.

Jo Bywater is the best guitar teacher I have ever had. The lessons are very much focused on my own interests and the songs and skills I wish to learn which makes practising much more fun than just having tasks set for me. She has a fantastic eye for detail and uses this ability to break down complex riffs and songs into smaller, more easily understood techniques. Jo is patient, she communicates really well and is very understanding and flexible with lesson times and bookings. I would recommend any guitarist, beginner or expert to take lessons with Jo as her great skill and broad knowledge mean everyone stand to learn something new – Dan.

From the very first lesson Sophie had with Jo, she was hooked! At first she found getting to grips with the guitar difficult but through Jo’s endless patience, not to mention skill, encouragement and flair, she progressed extremely quickly. Sophie will be attending ACM College in Guildford to study music. Jo’s teaching has without doubt increased her confidence in guitar playing and songwriting and has inspired her even more to reach her goals. Thank you so much Jo – what a find! – Carol.
You’ve made me fall in love with playing guitar, and even when I struggle and get impatient you always re-gained my confidence. I know for a fact if I wouldn’t have had you as my teacher, I would have given up when it got too hard, I wouldn’t have had the courage to make songs my own or even write originals! Any student would be lucky to have you Jo. Thank you for everything – Sophie.

Jo’s enthusiasm for both teaching and playing is contagious. She’s helped me bring my guitar skills to life – Blythe.

Jo is patient, enthusiastic and has made learning guitar excellent fun for my daughter and myself, spanning our ages from 7 to rather not say. Riffy always seems to come out bouncing after a lesson – Chris.

I think you are a really good guitarist and are really good at teaching me. I really enjoy guitar lessons with you – Riffy.

My little girl thinks Jo is really cool! – Selina.

If you want to figure out how to get about those six strings, go to Jo. She’s ace! – Kaya.

Anyone wanting guitar lessons – check this out! Highly recommended! – El.

Jo Bywater has passion and soul. She could teach you a lot – Eddie.

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2 responses to “Testimonials”

  1. my son was a total beginner but knew he wanted lessons, Jo was the perfect teacher as she let Billy learn the basics the way he wanted, by playing his favourite music at the same time. she is an excellent teacher…thankyou

  2. Jo is a great help to me, and I found that having somebody I could ask questions that you cannot research yourself, or fill in gaps that brings things together is invaluable! She always tries to fit me in around my busy work schedule, is patient with me, & I can always trust her advice!

    Thanks Jo!

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