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ANY age is good to start playing guitar – Carmels 60th Birthday performance

Earlier on this year I had an email from Carmel looking for guitar lessons. She had never played guitar before. Her husband had bought her an electric guitar and amp (a year before) to start and they had ended up in the house gathering dust...

On our first lesson she told me her goal was to play guitar at her 60th Birthday Party, which was in 5 months….game on!

We started by learning some classic rock riffs and very quickly got onto strumming along to Hey Jude (The Beatles….of course). Because this song is so catchy Carmel started singing along while she was playing and came back the next week with the lyrics and chords nailed….what’s next!?

This was the beginning of something that turned into a brilliant story. Over the remaining few months we polished off 3 Beatles tunes, all of which she was singing and playing guitar to. A real acheivement from nothing! We also did a couple of online lessons when she couldn’t be here in person.

Her Birthday was last week and she performed the 3 songs in front of friends and family. Confident and happy singing over the mic.

I found this all very inspiring. To have a front row seat and to be able to help Carmel acheive something more than what she originally hoped for was awesome. It’s a testament to hard work and preparation. She practised the songs to the point of boredom, doing mini shows at work and for neighbours, made sure she had spare pics, strings, capo. She also REALLY enjoyed it.

A lot of people worry they’re learning to play too late. I say start now and enjoy it.

Well done Carmel!


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