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Testimonials Update!

Its great to get feedback on lessons and teaching methods and to see what works.  My guitar students are so varied and in that require different methods of communication and goals/plans.  I do my best to observe and cater for the individual in the hope I can help them get to where they want to be.  If they don’t know where they want to be, I try my best to help them find it.
Here are some updated testimonials from some of my current students.
“As an adult guitar learner, Jo has been ever so patient with me and my confidence in playing has improved immeasurably. Jo is a talented and knowledgeable teacher and I would absolutely recommend her” Normandie
“Jo is outstanding, I was having trouble sumarising Jo’s guitar tuition, but that just about covers it. I’ve taken up guitar for a couple of reasons, but mostly personal amusement. Given that I’ve started with almost zero musical knowledge, Jo has shown extreme patience, insight and skill in diagnosing the numerous inventive ways I find to get things wrong. She works well, finding where I’m going wrong, correcting and providing ways for me to improve. Jo is good at providing building blocks you need and breaking things down into manageable chunks to learn.Simply put, in my opinion, it’s definitely worth seeking Jo out and seeing how she can help your guitar playing progress” Chris
“Jo has been a fantastic and inspirational teacher for me. As a “mature” learner who has been trying to play guitar for several decades, I’ve had several teachers but Jo has really helped me to develop in ways that none of the others could. She responds fully to my preferences regarding songs and styles and also comes up with excellent ideas. The mix of technique and performance practice is perfect for me. And she’s such an easy person to like”Jack
“Jo has been teaching my two daughters for around 3 years now and in that time they have made great progress in using various techniques, grade work and playing for pleasure. Importantly they really enjoy their lessons and their practice!” Annette


“Jo Bywater is the best guitar teacher I have ever had. The lessons are very much focused on my own interests and the songs and skills I wish to learn which makes practising much more fun than just having tasks set for me. She has a fantastic eye for detail and uses this ability to break down complex riffs and songs into smaller, more easily understood techniques. Jo is patient, she communicates really well and is very understanding and flexible with lesson times and bookings. I would recommend any guitarist, beginner or expert to take lessons with Jo as her great skill and broad knowledge mean everyone stand to learn something new”  Dan

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New season new guitar lessons

Welcome back!

After a refreshing summer and break from the routine of school and work I know lots of you are ready and raring to go.  For some it will be in starting a new hobby and for others it will be getting back into the swing of things again.  New seasons are the best time to pick up and launch into learning and new pursuits.  It’s the same for us teachers as well.

For those of you interested in learning a little more about guitar lessons don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask away.

Hope to see you picking up 6 strings and making some noise!

Check out the FAQs and the rest of the site to see what I do and where I’ve been.  If you have any questions after that please get in touch.


Jo Bywater

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