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#2: Notes on the Guitar Neck

Week 2!

In continuation of my downloadable and printable materials I have compiled a diagram of the guitar neck complete with the notes on all 6 six strings.

The guitar neck can be a bit intimidating at first but once you start to see the patterns you will find your way around it in no time.  To begin on your journey feel free to print off my guitar neck diagram. It shows the notes on the neck from the open strings E, A, D, G, B, E all the way up to the 15th fret.

Notes on the Guitar Fretboard (left to right)
Notes on the Guitar Fretboard (left to right)

The guitar frets/notes ascend and descend chromatically. Once you become familiar with the different frets and chords as actual notes (and not just shapes) you will open up a whole new understanding of the guitar as an instrument.

Any questions send me a message and i’ll help as much as possible.

Other than that enjoy and head over to  Free Resources to see what else you can benefit from in the world of Jo Bywater Guitar Tuition!

See you next week!


6 responses to “#2: Notes on the Guitar Neck”

  1. This is valuable. I made a full-sized guitar neck so I can work out playable chords (I’m a bass trombonist) because when the guitar is used together with orchestral sections chord shapes that differ from the ‘norm’ are often required. To help me find my bearings I picked out all the middle c’s in red (except on the top string, of course).

    • Absolutely., that sounds really useful John. I teach a lot of beginners and others that have played guitar for years but only know the shapes and not the theory. In some ways that’s good but in other ways i find people often intimidated by the concept of notes but it makes the guitar so much more useful when grasping the concept of the neck. Putting the C’s in red is a top idea. The guitar has some really nice inversions up the neck too 🙂

  2. that’s a top piece of history! I’ve played in there a few times but post – 2000 so it really doesn’t have the same kudos, cool venue though 🙂

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